Due to joint venture between panaji politician and plant robbers, citizens not allowed to grow plants on terrace, making fake dengue allegations, threatening arrest

Curry leaf(kadipatta) plant stolen from posh area of panaji, within a week of replanting
The domain investor was growing plants on the terrace mainly because there is no security on the ground floor, when she is not at home, people are stealing and killing plants. However some corrupt local politician in a posh area of panaji, started making fake dengue allegations, threatened arrest and got all the plants removed from the terrace.
After the killing of the balsam plant, theft of ajwain plant, now the local panaji robbers flourish in the poshest area of panaji, have also stolen a curry leaves (kadipatta) plant from the mailing address of the domain investor one week after she replanted the plant.
The domain investor had replanted the plant spending a lot of time digging it and replanting it in a new grow bag spending a lot of time since the plant has deep roots.
Yet indicating rampant robbery in one of the poshest areas of panaji, goa, people do not allow the domain investor to even grow the kadipatta plant, it was robbed within a week of replanting on 9 August 2021
Earlier the domain investor had made a video of panaji’s top sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee naina premchandani who looks like actress sneha wagh, outsourcing the theft of aloe vera leaves to her sari clad muslim servant from chimbel. When the robbery video was transferred to the iball laptop, the laptop was hacked completely, and Rs 13000 spent on the laptop was wasted
Now it appears that the local politician may be having a joint venture with the panaji plant robber, so they want all the plants in the front garden to make it easier for them to steal the plants from homes in the poshest area of panaji, goa